The Italian Ministry for the Environment participates to activities and specific programs supported by the most important international organizations (above all the United Nations), by their subsidiary institutes and specialized agencies, with a particular emphasis on protection of environment, promotion of sustainable development and combatting climate changes.

Within this framework, the Ministry participates to the works of strategic alliances and partnerships reinforcing, in the same time, the institutional relationships with the most important countries relevant for the bilateral cooperation in the environmental sector.

Through mechanisms of contribution, both on a voluntary or compelling basis, settled on common rules decided in the international fora, Italy co-finances the promotion of initiative and projects aimed, in particular, to promote clean technologies, energy saving, renewable energies and, under this perspective, new opportunities of job and investment.

•  CCAC - Climate and Clean Air Coalition Initiative

•  FAO - Food and Agricultural Organization

•  OSCE – Economic and Enviromental Forum

•  REC - Regional Environmental Center

•  UN Environment - UNEP

Mediterranean Investment Facility- Egypt

Inquiry into the design of a sustainable financial system

Capacity Building in Macedonia, Bosnia Erzegovina e Serbia

•  UNOPS - Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT)

•  UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)

Africa Center for Climate and Sustainable Development and Agenda 2030

Global Italian iniziative on REDD+ National Implementation – GIORNI  (Ecuador, Ghana, Myanmar)

•  UNIDO ITPO ITALY (Italian Investment and Technology Promotion Office)

Support to Iran’s SMEs upgrading throught Investiment Promotion and Technology Transfer in Energy and Environment (Iran)

Fostering International Partnerships between companies from MENA countries and Italian stakeholders operating in Energy and sustainable development (Egitto, Giordania, Libano, Marocco, Palestina, Tunisia)