In the light of the Paris Agreement – the first legally binding global agreement to combat climate change – the Italian Ministry for the Environment has promoted programs and projects of mitigation and adaptation with 63 countries by adopting 45 Memorandum of Understanding.

Concerned geographical areas include any continent but a particular attention has been given to the most vulnerable countries such as the Small Pacific Islands and the African countries.

The most important sectors of action relates to 9 priority areas:

• management of extreme events;

• promotion of renewable energies and of energy efficiency;

• management of water resources;

• waste management;

• promotion of air quality;

• preventing forest degradation;

• sustainable agricolture and Climate Smart Agricolture;

• remediation of soil and territory;

• sustainable mobility;

• green finance.

The Ministry for Environment works in close sinergy with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, with the Italian Agency for the International Cooperation and with “Cassa Depositi e Prestiti” (Italy's national promotional institution) with which has undersigned an agreement for a common Platform aimed to support projects and programs in those developing countries with which the Ministry has started bilateral collaboration relations.

Within the implementation of programs, projects and activities, it is promoted the participation of the public, private and non-profit sectors, including, when appropriate, of universities and of technical and scientific research organizations.

In the framework of each Memorandum of Understanding it is established a Joint Committee. The Committee has the task of supervising and supporting the implementation of the bilateral collaboration activities as well as of approving the Work Plans and single projects.