Bats in buildings

Italian Bat Research Group:

English website about bats and birds in buildings, it “(…) gives practical guidelines for builders, developers and renovators about the law, planning regulations and where to find further more detailed information.”

French website about the conservation of bats in buildings:

From the University of Florida:

A guide about bats in buildings, Great Britain:


Bat banding

Italian Bat Research Group:

Bat banding in Australia:


Bat conservation

Museum of Natural History, Florence:

Basically Bats:

Bat Conservation Trust (BCT):

Bat Conservation International (BCI):

Buzbee Bat House:

Neotropical bats:

In Africa:

Organization for Bat Conservation:

Bats Northwest:

Bat World Sanctuary:

Bat conservation in Provence (in French):

Bat conservation in Russia:

Bat conservation in Switzerland (in French and English):

Bat conservation in Germany (in German):

Bat conservation in Australasia:

University ofi Bristol and bat conservation: