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“Youth for Climate Live”: a series of virtual events starting on June 26






The Italian Ministry of Environment, in collaboration with Connect4Climate - World Bank Group and the Office of Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth, as part of the initiatives organized in the run-up to the COP26 (Glasgow, November 2021), launches an ambitious program of virtual and interactive meetings addressed to young people around the world, with a view to the special events that will both take place in Milan same year: "Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition", 28-30 September, and of the Pre-Cop26, 30 September-2 October, to which, for the first time, young people will personally bring a contribution to negotiations.  

In the light of the exceptional period imposed by the Covid-19 emergency, the virtual meetings program aims to keep high attention towards the role of young people in climate change action in view of the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (Glasgow, United Kingdom, November 2021). 

The webinars program, entitled "Youth4Climate Live Series: Driving Momentum Towards Pre-COP26", includes one meeting per month, from June to February 2020. The topics will be divided into general macro-themes, which aim to combine the negotiation on climate change with policies for sustainable development at the global level, starting with those promoted by the United Nations agencies, placing young people at the center of the caution. For example, the following topics will be discussed: green and sustainable recovery, adaptation, resilience, local action, innovation and business.

Each meeting will be hosted on an interactive platform, through which the young participants will be able to share information, ask questions and present proposals.

Each event will be moderated by two young people: the outgoing President of the International Forestry Students’ Association, Salina Abraham, and the poet and writer, Ahmed Badr. 

In particular, each meeting will offer a virtual discussion in which three young people will present to two representatives of the international institutions some proposals or ideas to inspire and mobilize other young people on the macro-themes indicated from time to time. The “lessons learned” issue will be also treated.

The novelty of these meetings is that all those who will be connected will be able to take part in the discussion, both through social networks and by interacting through the platform.

Driving Innovation & Entrepreneurship is the title of the next webinar scheduled for December 11th.




  November 18, 2020 - Driving Ambition
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  October 23, 2020
  Driving Empowerment: Protecting the Most Vulnerable

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  September 25, 2020
  Driving Nature-based Solutions 
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  August 28, 2020
  Driving Youth Action

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  July 24, 2020
  Driving Sustainable Recovery

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  June 26, 2020
  #Youth4Climate Live Series - Launch Event

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